Session Work

In 1994 I started playing rock cello with Julian Tillery; we formed the acousitc-rock band Us!  Since then I have been recording cello with a variety of independent and major label artists, including India.Arie, Anthony David, Doria Roberts, Leah Morgan, Callaghan, Chuck Carrier, Jennifer Daniels, Brenda Nicole Moorer, The Muffins, and Jason Michael Green (a full list of artists and tracks is available upon request).  Over this time I have had the opportunity to record folk, country, neo-soul, rock, funk, electronica, jazz, and pop.  I enjoy playing all kinds of music and am able to provide a variety of performances that fit every genre.

I also write many of my parts.  I am more than comfortable reading from a chart or reproducing a midi part, but if you know you need cello and are not sure what the part should be, I am sure that I can come up with something you’ll like or together we can collaborate to your satisfaction.


My rates depend upon many factors – number of songs, whether I compose the part or not, label status, and time of involvement.  So please call me at (404) 574-9085 if you are interested in tracking cello(s) for your album.

To listen to a sampling of my session work, go to the Music Page or click here.

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