Session Work/Scoring

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In 1994 I started playing rock cello with Julian Tillery; we formed the acoustic-rock band Us!  Since then I have been recording cello with a variety of independent and major label artists, including India.Arie, Anthony David, Doria Roberts, Leah Morgan, Callaghan, Chuck Carrier, Jennifer Daniels, Brenda Nicole Moorer, The Muffins, and Jason Michael Green.  I enjoy playing all kinds of music and have had the opportunity to record folk, country, Neo-soul, rock, funk, hip-hop, electronica, jazz, and pop.  My most recent session credit is on De La Soul’s new album, due out in late 2015.

I write most of my parts and I’m comfortable reading from a chart or reproducing a midi line. Contact me at 404/574-9085 or for rates and availability.

 Television and film scoring projects

Ila Couch shot these captivating images of sea life on Koekohe beach in New Zealand and asked if I could add some cello. Jake Slaney engineered and arranged those improvisations into the score for this piece.  I am so honored to have had the opportunity to work on this project.

I wrote and performed the music for following trailer.

I was part of an improvising scoring team for the following trailer and the short film it represents.  Scoring directed by Kebbi Williams.