Epi.phony and Upcoming Shows

Epi.phony: A sound realization

Epi.phony is a concert series exploring a variety of musical styles. Each show is part of a larger artistic vision, which includes solo-cello performance, looping, video, spoken-literature, and movement.

“What a Sick Performance Okorie!!!! I was blown away!” – Amanda Ray

“I’m 3-in and loving it! From the moment I arrive, a sense of gratitude and peace engulfs me. At the last note my soul is so excited and inspired. I leave with such power and celebration. Okorie’s Epi.phony is a must do!” – MaSu

“Genius.” – Wayne Glass

“Had to hold back tears during one of your selections…what was that about…lol? Looking forward to the next!” – Cier Black

“You’re doing things I’ve never before seen done with a cello, and I love it!” – Derrick LeMont

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Up Coming Shows/Events:

Screen Shot 2017-06-11 at 2.31.40 PM

Click On the Image Above for Details

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