Okorie Johnson is an Atlanta based cellist and composer who has performed and/or recorded with De La soul, India.Arie, Anthony David, Doria Roberts, Callaghan, Victoria Canal and many others.  2015 saw the debut of Okorie’s first solo-cello concert-series, Epi.phony – a multi-city, 12-show development of the relationship between solo-cello, live-sound-looping, and improvisation.

The Music: Liminal (Album on iTunes)

Okorie uses high quality amplification, looping technology, and sound processing to create songs that emerge from the collision of jazz and classical music. His songs also travel beyond those genres to include edm, reggae, funk, and more.

His music is narrative and emotive and his set attempts to gather songs together that, like short stories, complement each other in spite of their individual and singular expression.

To learn more about his musical journey check out this interview on North Avenue Lounge or this other podcast on WonderRoot, or his talk about the birth of his solo cello project here.  


OkCello is the performance and production name of Atlanta Cellist, Okorie Johnson, whose productions include the solo-cello concert series, Epi.phony; the ensemble concert series entitled OkCello & Friends; the concert series entitled Wood & Wind, a partnership with Grammy award winning saxophonist Kebbi Williams; the NuEnsemble a group and partnership production between Okorie Johnson, Cleveland Jones, and John Huston; SoundMind a cello, yoga, and meditation event series produced in partnership with yogi, Charisse Williams; and Atlanta Symphony’s Casual Fridays After Party a quarterly, OkCello-curated concert series.

Featured Photo by Henry Jacobs